Live Your Dream with Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia Rental

Is the Ferrari 458 Italia the best driving supercar ever? The Ferrari 458 Italia is an absolute stunner in every aspect of this car – its design, sound, and performance.  Beautiful, extremely fast and delightful to drive – this is everything a supercar should be. Ferrari continues to improve upon perfection with the 458 Italia.

The Ferrari Italia has two seats and an eight-cylinder mid-rear mounted engine. The cabin of the 458 Italia is looking beautiful.

The 458 especially emphasizes the importance of performance by trimming weight and tuning the exterior for greater aerodynamic efficiency.

The power is beyond words. The handling is perfect. And when the 458 is cruising coasting around the town, it’s downright sedated. Hit the gas on the highway, though, and it comes to life like no other Ferrari.

Driving the Ferrari 458 Italia on a racetrack purpose-built exclusively for exotic car driving experiences. Packages start at just $1799.00 Per Day.

Reserve the Ferrari 458 Italia for your next outing

This is one sports car in our fleet you will want to rent and will give you wishing, you have more time to spend driving around all day long. Make an online car reservation and enjoy driving the Ferrari 458 Italia.


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